Web 2.0 Look and Feel

All our applications are built on a clean, robust, intuitive user interface libraries in best traditions of web 2.0 concepts. The content on the pages never reloaded, but updated or refreshed through remote scripting and seamless server calls.

User-friendly Interface

One of the primary goals in development of our applications is making them as user-friendly as possible. An intuitive, logical flow increases productivity and happiness of so many "thechno-challenged" users.

What Our Customers Have to Say

Earlier this year, I began the process of developing and implementing a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System for our organization. Our business has unique characteristic that presented special challenges for most companies developing our CRM concept. Web 2.0 Office was the only organization that first listened to our needs and then developed exactly what we requested. Delivery was on time and within budget. This is a talented and professional organization and I highly recommend their services if you want things done the right way.

John King, Chief Operating Officer, Greater Means, Chicago, Illinois

Simplicity & Flexibility

It is easy to work with simple applications, but rarely they do the job in the way user expects or comfortable with. Finding the balance between simplicity and number of features is an ongoing task.


All our applications are customizable for the specific needs of the end users. Contact us for a quote with your specific application requirements.

Company Portal

Every company needs a portal. The company portal is not the same as the company website. The portal is a place where employees collaborate sharing internal information to achieve greater productivity. The tasks of many portals are similar, yet unique for each business. Below is the list of out-of-the box modules.

Dashboards Bird-eye view of your portal. It is completely customizable, meaning that you can add dashlets that important to your day-to-day activities.
Contacts Share contact information with other employees in your organization. The system automatically tracks activities for the customer (a new ticket, closed opportunity, etc.) or you can attach your own activities.
Sales Capture leads on a website or from email, track progress on opportunities and create quotes.
Projects Keep track of billable activities. Do not miss project due dates and things that need to get done. Collaborate with other employee and track progress.
Billing Generate and send invoices, manager recurring invoicing. Track business and employee expanses.
HelpDesk Don't allow support request to fall between the cracks. Capture tickets from an email or website and automatically assign them to technicians.
Calendar Schedule company wide or personal events and invite other employees to participate.
File Sharing Share documents, presentation, marketing materials, logos with other employees online.
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