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Bird-eye view of your portal. It is completely customizable, meaning that you can add dashlets that important to your day-to-day activities. All major modules have relevant dashboards that can be added to your home page.


Share contact information with other employees in your organization. The system automatically tracks activities for the customer (a new ticket, closed opportunity, etc.) or you can attach your own activities. Throught the usage of data domains, you can limit certain contacts from public access and create custom data domain.


Capture leads from your website or an email, track progress on opportunities and create quotes. Assign people to follow up on leads and maximize your revenue.


Keep track of billable activities. Do not miss project due dates and things that need to get done. Collaborate with other employee and track progress on your progects and see what projects were more profitable.


Manage customer requests in one place and keep track of what gets done and who gets most work completed. Minimize your expanses and maximize customer satisfaction.


Generate and send invoices, manager recurring invoicing. Track business and employee expanses. Create invoices from a closed opportunity, project or help desk activities.


Schedule company wide or personal events and invite other employees to participate. Keep track of important events and be ready for them ahead of time.

File Sharing

Share documents, presentation, marketing materials, logos with other employees online. Easy upload/download of files from any computer connected to the Internet. Do not loose your important documents, images, presentations, etc.
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